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Our Story

Since our inception in 2017, Intrix Cyber Security has swiftly emerged as a leading cybersecurity provider in Australia. We are known for delivering world-class outcomes, acting as an independent advisor to ensure our clients are protected to the highest standards against cyber threats.

Our Journey & Growth

Growth & Leadership

Originating in Sydney, Intrix Cyber Security has evolved into a national cybersecurity leader specialising in offensive cybersecurity and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services. Our presence and influence are firmly established within Australia.

Innovation-Driven Cybersecurity

Our commitment to staying ahead of cyber threats is unwavering. We drive innovation in the cybersecurity industry, and our team of local talent is dedicated to enhancing organisations’ cyber resilience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to defend individuals, governments, and businesses globally against cybercrime, significantly reducing risk in an increasingly connected world.

Experience & Leadership

We are nationally recognised for our expertise in cybersecurity, having conducted numerous successful engagements across Australia.

Our Approach

We employ best-practice standards and a risk-based methodology, ensuring a holistic approach to information security.

Outsource Cyber Security

Expertise & Commitment

Our Expertise

Our team’s talent is unmatched, ensuring prompt and effective responses to any cyber incidents, underlining our deep commitment to cybersecurity.

New Cyber Threats

Adapting to the evolving digital threat landscape, Intrix Cyber Security remains dedicated to protecting data in the digital age.

Our Team

Our influence in cybersecurity extends beyond the corporate realm. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

We also

Intrix Cyber Security is passionate about giving back to the cyber community.

Our internship program is designed to train and nurture upcoming talents, providing hands-on experience and mentorship to future leaders in cybersecurity.

External SOC team

Our Commitment

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Known for our expertise in preventing data breaches, we have cemented our reputation for providing the highest calibre of ethical hacking and cybersecurity services. We build the right cyber strategies and systems to protect your business from cyber threats and attacks.

Giving Back

As proud signatories of Pledge 1%, we dedicate some of our success to community nonprofits in Australia. Furthermore, we sponsor a local community soccer team, demonstrating our commitment to both social well-being and youth development.

Our Strategy & Core Values

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Centered around people and knowledge, Intrix Cyber Security’s strategy fosters robust customer relationships. Our core values emphasise customer centricity, transparency, excellence, collaborative growth, ethical responsibility, adaptability, and community engagement.

We invite you to connect with Intrix Cyber Security. Join us in our mission for a more secure digital future.
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