Month: August 2020

Dark web monitoring: Going dark in Australian workplaces

While there are numerous positive and beneficial aspects of the dark web, it has become a well-known global market place where bad actors in the workplace can commit cybercrimes almost undetected. Fortunately, the advent of new and emerging technologies enable us to monitor dark web and potentially derail cybercriminals…

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DevSecOps: Leading to a breach-free business

There will always be security threats; malware or other. To avoid damaging your customer’s systems and your reputation, always factor-in security, parallel with your development and operations. If your business includes the development and distribution of applications, moving to a DevSecOps mechanism is especially relevant…

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What is a SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a key component of today’s cybersecurity landscape. Driven by the escalating threat of data breaches and their severe repercussions, more organisations are using SIEM platforms to track and investigate cyberattacks. Basically, if a company gets hacked…

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