Month: February 2021

Notifiable Data Breach Notifications Overview (July 2020 – December 2020)

Data breaches are increasingly common among Australian businesses. Robust security solutions are needed to protect data integrity, operational compliance, and business continuity now more than ever. Security breaches are recorded and analysed each year in an effort to…

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How to set up a Samba Honeypot (SMB) and lure attackers

Creating traps, luring in cyber attackers, and revealing any evidence left behind – in a nutshell, is a honeypot. Think of capturing live malware to debunk and improve one self’s security posture. With this in mind, it becomes quick to realise how critical setting up a honeypot can be…

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How secure is your business from cyber attacks?

A few years ago, I provided an IT manager with the very first Intrusion Prevention System report they had ever encountered. This IT manager didn’t think too much of it at the time, but come 9:00 PM on Friday, he finally sat down and digested it. Shortly after we received dozens of panicked phone calls requesting urgent assistance with the tens of thousands…

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