Month: March 2021

How can companies improve their security maturity levels?

With more than 43 per cent of cyber all attacks aimed at small businesses, it’s essential that you develop solid security practices to protect business assets and critical data. Otherwise, you risk reputational damage, financial losses, and costly downtime. But when it comes to improving your company’s security ‘maturity’ levels…

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Has your DVR/NVR been breached?

Has your DVR or NVR security system experienced a breach? Without the proper software and firmware updates, and the proper managed services to monitor and assess a situation, a breach of your CCTV and security systems is a real possibility. What is to say that it is not happening right now…

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A guide to supply chain attacks

Cyberspace is a growing risk for many businesses – a ticking time bomb waiting to go off when it’s least expected. In the current cyber threat landscape, it’s not a matter of if you’ll get attacked but when. Hackers are always coming up with ingenious new ways to perpetrate cybercrimes, be it data theft…

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Federated Identity Management (FIM) vs. Single Sign On (SSO)

Cyber security has become big news in recent years after a number of major breaches hit the headlines. Despite this, Australians are seriously lax when it comes to passwords. Around 90% of Australians say that they know that reusing passwords is insecure, but…

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Data Breaches involving MSPs

Data breaches are common among Australian businesses, with malicious attacks, human error, and system faults continuing to compromise digital records in multiple industry sectors. In order to keep track of significant breaches, the Office of the Australian Information…

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