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Khalid Ebrahimi

The benefits of having an external SOC team

With the imminence of cyber threats, building an effective security operations centre (SOC) is crucial for organisations of all sizes. Although businesses differ in their services, their commonality lies in being susceptible to growing cyber security risks….

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data loss prevention policies
Data loss prevention
Andrew Forrest

Data loss prevention policies

Businesses can better protect their data from hackers and strengthen their information protection infrastructure when adopting a data loss prevention (DLP) policy. When DLP is implemented correctly, it prevents third-party…

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Zero trust architecture a radical approach to cyber security
Zero Trust
Andrew Forrest

Why Zero Trust strategies remain a hot topic

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations switched from physical workplaces to virtual offices due to commuting restrictions. But enabling workers to collaborate remotely introduced some unexpected…

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