Author: Khalid Ebrahimi

Preparing an Effective Incident Response (IR) Plan

In the event of a targeted cyber threat, anything goes – data breach, DOS attacks, Zero-days.

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The benefits of having an external SOC team

With the imminence of cyber threats, building an effective security operations centre (SOC) is crucial for organisations of all sizes. Although businesses differ in their services, their commonality lies in being susceptible to growing cyber security risks….

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How to set up a Samba Honeypot (SMB) and lure attackers

Creating traps, luring in cyber attackers, and revealing any evidence left behind – in a nutshell, is a honeypot. Think of capturing live malware to debunk and improve one self’s security posture. With this in mind, it becomes quick to realise how critical setting up a honeypot can be…

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