What is the value of effective cyber security?

Effective Cyber Security

Protecting sensitive business data requires effective cyber security measures. Failure to implement robust cyber security measures will result in the loss of intellectual property, sensitive customer information, and compliance data. The situation is particularly bad in Australia where, according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, a cyber attack is reported every 10 minutes.  Businesses are being called upon to upscale their cyber security defences and increase their security budget. But is this being paranoid? This article offers an explanation of why your business requires effective cyber security.

It leads to better business agility

The onset of digital transformation introduced intense business competition. If a business wants to outsmart its competitors, then it must invest in implementing flexible processes that support innovation such as incorporating agile practices and remote working. You also have to invest in a seamless customer experience to enhance your market offering.  Attractive and timely offerings will increase your market share and maximise profits.

Business agility can only be viable where you have an effective cyber security architecture. Consequently, you must integrate cyber security in all business units. The same structures should be central when the business is innovating new products or services.  Hackers recognise the market value of your precious innovations. They will pay special attention to your agile processes.  Similarly, competitors can also sabotage your innovation projects by the cyber intrusion.

Effective cyber security helps your business to identify fresh opportunities for customer acquisition and rapid revenue growth.

It improves productivity

Extended and costly downtimes are common in businesses with weak cyber security measures.  Such businesses will spend a considerable amount of time and money rebuilding their systems.  Repeated cyber attacks will eventually impact negatively on productivity, hampering the inability of suppliers, staff, and customers to perform business operations.

An effective cyber security program allows your business to identify and ward off cyber attacks before substantial damage occurs. The capacity for recovery of data and restoring systems will minimize downtime due to an incident.  Your business will be back on its feet in quick time.  Whilst your competitors are reeling from frequent outages, your business operations and optimal performance are sustained and improved, operations have been provided resilience. Customers will begin to trust your business and will be willing to lodge their sensitive data with you.

It improves customer loyalty

Protecting your services and systems from cyber attacks is an essential legal and business requirement. When your business has robust cyber security defence, customers will become more loyal since they appreciate the steps you have taken to prevent data from being compromised or stolen.

Parts of your cyber security budget will go towards improving offline and online customer interaction. If you don’t establish an environment of safety and seamless customer satisfaction, your customers will look for a competitor who can offer such an experience.

Consumer trust goes hand in hand with cyber security. A single data leak will lead to an exodus of existing customers, and it will be years before your company can regain its reputation as an organisation that values and protects personal data. Consequently, effective cyber security enables a strong corporate track record and a constant stream of loyal and trusting clients.

It increases awareness

Effective cyber security creates an atmosphere of alertness among your employees. Your employees will know weaknesses that can be exploited by hackers. They will also know how cyber attacks affect general business operations. A high awareness level means that every team member will be on the lookout for potential threats and will know what to do if the company is facing a cyber attack.

It prepares the businesses for future risks

Even the most prepared company is not immune from cyber attacks. Cybercriminals are focused on discovering system weaknesses and how they can attack corporate networks. If an attack does occur, businesses with effective cyber security measures will be back on their feet faster than those with weak system defences. Investing in robust cyber security will be a big step towards guarding your company against future ransomware, spyware, and malware.

Key takeaway

Australian firms have an obligation to protect their key infrastructure and processes from cyber attacks. An effective cyber security defence system will improve your brand’s reputation, avoid potentially expensive litigation, and protect your company from crippling downtime. Get in touch with Intrix Cyber Security to learn more about establishing effective cyber security in your organisation.

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