Japanese game publisher hacked

Japanese Game Publisher Hacked

The Japanese publisher of the popular video games Ace Combat, Dragon Ball Z, and Dark Souls, Bandai Namco, looks to be the most recent significant gaming firm to have a severe hacking attack.

Earlier today, the ransomware group BlackCat added the publisher of Elden Ring to its list of victims. However, it is still unclear how much harm has been done or how much money the group is asking for.

Vx-underground, a Twitter that tracks malware, shared an image on Twitter. The screenshot was taken from BlackCat’s ransomware blog, where the group keeps track of its victims. As of July 11, Bandai Namco was under the threat list of  “data soon.”

BlackCat has been “ramping up” its ransomware assaults over the past year. When victims refuse to pay the ransom, it has in the past exposed sensitive employee data online.

This includes monetary demands in the millions. Unfortunately, the magnitude of this most recent incident is not yet known.

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