Major NeoPets hack may compromise tens of millions of accounts

A data breach at the virtual pet website Neopets resulted in the theft of source code and a database holding the personal data of over 69 million users.

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PayPal Phishing kits targeting WordPress sites

Several pieces of personal information, including official identification documents and images, are being attempted to be stolen from victims by a recently found phishing kit that targets PayPal users.

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Deakin University under Cyber Attack

A cyberattack at a university in Victoria stole some of the most recent test scores and roughly 47,000 students’ contact information, both present and former.

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Japanese game publisher hacked

The Japanese publisher of the popular video games looks to be the most recent significant gaming firm to have a severe hacking attack.

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Apple is creating a new “Lockdown Mode”

Apple is creating a new “Lockdown Mode”. It’s intended to combat sophisticated hacking techniques like Pegasus from the NSO Group.

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