incident response planning

Preparing an Effective Incident Response (IR) Plan

In the event of a targeted cyber threat, anything goes – data breach, DOS attacks, Zero-days.

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Top five benefits of security penetration testing for your organisation

The Cyber security posture of organisations has never been more important than it is today. Next-generation cyber security threats, advanced skills and evolved attack vectors in use by cyber criminals…

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Have you got a cyber security incident response plan yet?

According to the 2020 CrowdStrike Global Security Attitude Survey, Australia is a prime hotspot for targeted attacks. In the survey, 67 per cent of the Australian respondents said they had suffered at least one ransomware attack in…

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The benefits of having an external SOC team

With the imminence of cyber threats, building an effective security operations centre (SOC) is crucial for organisations of all sizes. Although businesses differ in their services, their commonality lies in being susceptible to growing cyber security risks….

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