LastPass’ DevOps Engineer Hacked

A threat actor accessed and stole data from their Amazon AWS cloud storage servers for over two months, starting in August 2022.

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Activision confirms data breach after Employee fell victim to SMS Phishing

Activision, the popular video game maker, has confirmed a data breach that occurred in December 2022.

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PayPal Phishing kits targeting WordPress sites

Several pieces of personal information, including official identification documents and images, are being attempted to be stolen from victims by a recently found phishing kit that targets PayPal users.

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How to keep your business cyber safe during the holidays

The holidays are a time of great excitement, not only for you and yours, but also for hackers and cybercriminals. They know that with all the shopping and preparation everyone is doing, people may be less diligent with their cybersecurity. Here are some important things to do to keep you cyber safe this holiday season and beyond…

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