Helping businesses manage cyber security attacks

Intrix Cyber Security helps businesses identify, investigate and mitigate cyber incidents. From ransomware attacks to insiders accessing and selling sensitive data on the dark web, Intrix Cyber Security offers immediate, effective incident response management. Ensuring confidentiality at all time, each malicious attack is managed by cyber security specialists that will:

  • Detect and investigate the source of an incident
  • Contain and mitigate the security threat
  • Restore systems and data integrity
  • Implement security controls to protect against future attacks
Cyber Security Incident Response Services

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Cyber security incident response services

24/7 customer support

24/7 Emergency Incident Response

CREST accredited cyber security response specialists available 24/7 for effect cyber attack managment

Data Breach Investigations (Digital Forensics) icon

Data Breach Investigations and Digital Forensics

Cyber attack source identification to protect systems against future incidents

Incident Response Planning (IR) icon

Cyber Incident Response Planning

Custom cyber incident response plans developed by ACSC approved cyber security professionals

Why do businesses need cyber security incident response services?

Cybercrime is a lucrative business model for criminals. The remote locking of software systems followed by a ransom demand is increasing.

Annual revenue stream to hit

$ 0 tn
by 2021
for cyber criminals worldwide


0 %

of Australian business owners
admit to paying a ransom demand

It now takes a business


days on average to get
up and running again after a ransom attack

Cybercrime is become more prevalent. Both businesses and individuals are increasingly becoming victim of phishing, ransomware and malware attacks. COVID-19 has exposed security vulnerabilities of business applications, networks and systems with more Australian organisations seeking advice and management of cyber security risks. In addition to ransomware infections and crypto-locking attacks, businesses may require incident response management for:

  • Phishing attacks – spam emails mimicking official company emails with links to non-affiliated company websites
  • Malware incidents – virus software, worms, trojan horses or malicious mobile code
  • Denial of service attacks – shut down of a network or system due excessive traffic by a malicious actor
  • Data breaches – successful or failed attempts to gain unauthorised access to systems using malicious actors or by human error

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Cyber Security Incident Response Services
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Cyber security incident management response process

As a CREST and Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) partner, Intrix Cyber Security follows proven industry best-practice procedures and protocols when managing security threats and incidents.

Step 1


Incident response team identifies, isolates and prevents the cyber incident from spreading across the system

Step 2

Crisis management

Development and execution of emergency incident response and management plan with company IT staff, executives and solicitors

Step 3

Forensic collection and preservation

Use of IT system logs to track and trace how applications and/or networks became compromised

Step 4


Restore essential business systems to minimise disruption followed by non-essential applications and networks

Step 5


High-level summary report delivered outlining findings

Step 6

Prevention plan

Development of cyber security incident plan to mitigate cyber security risks and threats

Cyber security incident response services that help businesses identify and mitigate security threats

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24/7 Emergency Incident Response

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