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    Getting your business systems back up and running after a cyber attack.
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Has your business just become a victim of a cyber attack?

Intrix Cyber Security will help get your business back on track. Cyber incidents can come in many shapes and sizes, from a ransomware attack locking down your servers, to an employee extracting commercial sensitive data and selling it on the dark web. Intrix Cyber Security is here to offer immediate incident response services, that will help:

  • Detect and investigate the source of the attack
  • Block and contain the breach
  • Restore systems impacted
  • Put security controls in place to help prevent future attacks
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Our Cyber Security Incident Response Services include:

24/7 customer support

24/7 Emergency Incident Response

Our cyber security emergency team is available 24/7 so you are never left to face a crisis alone.

Data Breach Investigations (Digital Forensics) icon

Data Breach Investigations and Digital Forensics

Get to the bottom of the breach and learn how your system was infiltrated.

Incident Response Planning (IR) icon

Cyber Incident Response Planning

We can build a custom cyber incident response plan that based on your business systems and available resources.

Why do you need our Cyber Security Incident Response Services?

Cyber crime has become a lucrative business model for criminals, remote locking of software systems followed by a ransom demand is on the rise with:

Annual revenue stream to hit

$ 0 tn
by 2021
for cyber criminals worldwide


0 %

of Australian business owners
admit to paying the demand of a ransomer

It now takes a business


days on average to get
up and running again after a ransom attack

If you find your business locked out of your servers or databases following a ransomware infection or a crypto locking attack, you are not alone. Such cyber incidents on Australian businesses have been on the rise in recent years, and the vulnerabilities exposed by COVID-19 have made the risks even more acute. Ransomware is only one form of attack that requires incident response services, there are other forms of attacks which warrant a cyber security incident response such as:

  • Phishing – Spam emails that try to trick you
  • Malware incidents – Virus software, worms, trojan horses, or malicious mobile code
  • Denial of service attacks – Unauthorised disruption where hackers block users from accessing a service they usually have access to
  • Data breaches – Attempts (either successful or failed) to gain unauthorised access to system malicious bad actors or human error

If you believe your business is a victim of these forms of attacks contact us now and we will provide you an over the phone assessment.

We will keep your business

Helping you every step of the way.

Our approach to cyber security incident response

Intrix Cyber Security follows proven, industry-best-practice, guidelines, procedures, and protocols in managing cyber security risks, threats, events, or incidents. Our approach to providing an immediate response to cyber incidents is done by:

Step 1


Our incident response team will identify what parts of the network have been compromised and isolate it from infecting other parts of the system.

Step 2

Crisis management

We work with stakeholders such as IT teams, executives and lawyers in executing an emergency incident response and management plan.

Step 3

Forensic collection and preservation

We track and preserve traces of how a system became compromised through the use of logs from various security layers in a business IT system.

Step 4


To minimise downtime and business disruption, our team will prioritise their efforts in restoring essential business systems followed by non-essential systems.

Step 5


After we have contained and remediated the incident we will provide a high-level summary report with our findings

Step 6

Prevention plan

We can work with your business and stakeholders to generate a prevention plan with recommendations on how your business can improve your system security.

Discover more about our Cyber Security Incident Response Services

Add our Cyber Incident Response Services to your cyber security arsenal and gain more than just peace of mind – benefit from a tried-and-tested emergency response geared towards getting your business back on track.

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