Promptly identify the cause of a data breach and recover any losses to your business

If your business has just had a data breach or you believe your business may be a victim of one then you have come to the right place. Intrix Cyber Security provides Data Breach Investigation Services that:

  • Investigate and confirm if a data breach has occurred.
  • Provide details on the severity and type of data lost.
  • Identify the source of the breach.
  • Recover data and systems.
  • Fortify your systems and close security gaps.
  • Report the extent of the breach.
  • Provide evidence to help with insurance claims, criminal prosecution and regulation requirements.
For comprehensive data breach investigations, pragmatic advice, and actionable recommendations, contact Intrix Cyber Security now for a confidential consultation.

What is Data Breach Investigation Services?

Data Breach Investigation Services examines and explores how a data breach occurred in an organisation. The investigation aims to uncover answers to the following questions:


  • Did a data breach occur?
  • How severe is the data breach and what is the extent of it?
  • What kind of data was compromised?
  • Are there any remaining threats that need to be isolated or eliminated?
  • Is the breach indiscriminate, accidental, or targeted?
  • Who is responsible for the breach (if possible) and what is their likely motivation?
  • What can the business do to close any security gaps and prevent future breaches?


On completion of the data breach investigation, a report is provided to the organisation by the cyber security company to:


  • Start remediation works.
  • Prevent future breaches of the same nature.
  • Provide evidence to assist with seeking compensation for damages against the perpetrator (if identified).
  • Provide evidence to the insurance company in claiming for damages.

Why should your business undertake a data breach investigation?

A data breach or compromise can be costly to your business if the data obtained by the perpetrator contains classified or protected data such as:


  • Personal identification, health, legal, or financial records held about people inside or outside of an organisation e.g., employee or customer information.
  • Intellectual property, commercial agreements, and other information that may contribute to a competitive advantage e.g., specialist software, planned product launches, pricing and cost structures, and research and development findings.


The outcome of your organisation’s data being leaked into the wrong hands can incite further cyber attacks against your organisation with the potential of:


  • Further compromises to systems, rendering businesses unable to function.
  • Defrauding people if the data obtained contained financial and personal information on individuals.
  • Loss of competitive IP to competitors, losing the organisation’s competitive advantage.
  • Harming the reputation of the organisation and disincentivising customers wanting to further engage with the business.


By carrying out an investigation on who, why, when, what, where and how. It helps arm the business with information to:


  • Get your systems back on track
  • Prevent future breaches and ensure business continuity
  • Provide customers and employees confidence that the breach is being treated seriously and the organisation is proactive in its data security measures
  • Act against the perpetrator and pursue compensation (if they can be identified)

What types of data breaches require Data Breach Investigation Services?

Types of data breaches that warrant an investigation by a cyber security expert include:


  • Hacking intrusions and hacker malfeasance with intent to takeover networks, assume high privilege accounts or identities, steal trade secrets, steal intellectual property, delete data or bring down operating networks. 
  • Phishing, brute-force access, virus, and ransomware attacks. 
  • Office 365/Cloud service breaches utilising mismanaged credentials or sophisticated user identity password and permissions-based targeting. 
  • Self-propagating extortion attacks including ransomware, malware, and virus outbreaks. 
  • Code injection attacks and crypto-jacking, where code can be stored on computers, websites, servers, and other IT assets, to perform various unauthorised tasks including crypto-mining. 
  • Suspected insider threats or insider thefts, whereby internal staff member may use their knowledge of security mechanisms, weak access controls, or poorly user segmented systems, to obtain, compromise, share, or sell data they should not even be allowed to access. 
  • Human error or accidental exposure over the internet leading to leakage of sensitive or protected data. 
  • Data lost in transit due to copying on external devices, or due to failure to appropriately dispose of, or clean decommissioned data carrying devices. 
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Protect your business from further losses by using our data breach investigation services

The quicker you act, the faster the Investigation team at Intrix Cyber Security can help your business identify a data breach and minimise financial, productivity, system and reputational loss.

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