Working with businesses to manage and recover from cyber emergencies

Cyber attacks can cause significant damage to business systems and assets resulting in financial and reputable loss. Intrix Cyber Security assists organisations regain control of IT systems through an in-depth remedial process. Consisting of 7 integral steps, the Intrix Cyber Security 24/7 emergency incident response management process aims to identify, remove and prevent threats while restoring data integrity. The process involves:

  • Confirming the source of the attack
  • Investigating the extent of the breach
  • Reversing and remediating the damage sustained
  • Returning control of endpoints, services and other affected hardware back to the organisation
  • Recovery of cloud and/or web services accounts
  • Implementing measures to mitigate future cyber attacks
  • Salvaging and preserving remaining data integrity and intellectual property

What is an emergency incident response?

In the event of a malicious attack, cyber security specialists implement a set of procedures and protocols to stop or mitigate the security threat. The objective is to restore the data integrity of the network or application and prevent further incidents. Emergency incident responses implemented immediately reduce the opportunity for cyber threats to retrieve sensitive and critical company data.

Why choose Intrix Cyber Security to manage an emergency incident response to a cyber attack?

Working together as a team with a company’s IT department or staff, Intrix Cyber Security will provide an immediate, effective response to cyber security incidents regardless the time of day or night. Available 24/7, the Team will investigate, identify and if necessary, respond to malicious attacks to mitigate data losses and system disruptions. The Intrix Cyber Security emergency incident response management process will:


  • Minimise data loss and restore networks and applications
  • Ensure confidentiality
  • Provide regular communication to company staff
  • Assess affected applications, networks and systems to provide recommendations with realistic outcomes
  • Implement processes and procedures to mitigate future cyber risks

Which cyber security threats require an emergency response?

Malicious attacks are designed to disrupt and infiltrate systems to retrieve sensitive and critical customer, employee and company data. Incidents that require an immediate, effective response include:


  • Phishing and social engineering scams
  • Advanced malware, spyware and ransomware attacks
  • Data breaches
  • Cloud, website, application and DDoS attacks
  • Key-logging, password thefts or website account takeovers
  • Targeted intellectual property and data thefts
  • 3rd party application, service provider or supplier risks
  • Insider threats, attacks and/or investigations
  • Identity theft and fraud
  • Email compromises
  • Publicly posted confidential data
  • Any advanced persistent threats


If you suspect a data breach or cyber attack has occurred, contact Intrix Cyber Security immediately to investigate and assess affected applications and networks.

What to do when IT systems may be compromised

Due to the sinister nature of security attacks, IT staff and cyber security specialists have only one opportunity to investigate an incident, collect evidence, recover data and restore systems.


For this reason, Intrix Cyber Security recommends contacting the 24/7 emergency incident response team for advice on the correct course of action. The faster an organisation responds to a cyber attack, the faster specialists can investigate and mitigate the threat.


Businesses should remove any affected devices from the network but kept powered on to minimise any threats from spreading. To avoid further data loss, organisations should not:


  • Format hard drives or delete data
  • Plug any other hardware, recovery tools or backups into affected systems
  • Contact any known or unknown perpetrators
  • Pay any ransoms based on unsubstantiated claims of access to confidential data
24/7 Emergency Incident Response Endpoint Protection
24/7 Emergency Incident Response

Immediate, effective emergency cyber incident response management that gets results

The Intrix Cyber Security team works 24/7 to investigate, identify and resolve cyber incidents. Call 1300 931 727 for a confidential discussion.

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