Have a plan to recover after a cyber attack

In a world of constant cyber threats, incident response planning is a critical tool that can help you save your organisation’s most valuable information, and minimise the damage that a cyber attack can cause.

Every business should have a cyber incident response plan to recover in the event of data breaches and other cyber attacks. We work with clients to build a cyber incident response plan that’s in-line with their business objectives, systems and industry. 

What is a cyber incident response plan?

A cyber incident response plan is your organisation’s response procedure to cyber incidents such as data breaches, data leaks, serious organised cyber crime or even state-sponsored cyber attacks.


Cyber security incidents are inevitable, come in many forms and can severely impact:


  • Business
  • Operations
  • Brand reputation
  • Financial standing
  • Legalities that could lead to your organisation being sued

What is involved in cyber incident response planning?

A thorough cyber incident response plan should factor in elements such as the following:


  • Your approach to cyber incident.
  • Activities required for each phase of the cyber incident.
  • Gap analysis to build a roadmap of your cyber incident response plan.
  • Types of cyber incidents such as data theft, malware detection and service outages.
  • Roles and responsibilities of completing cyber incident response activities.
  • Crisis management by providing the means to integrate and coordinate the overall response.
  • Third parties such as law enforcement, insurance companies, external lawyers and cyber forensic companies.
  • Post cyber incident activity to allow the organisation and teams to learn and improve.

How can Intrix Cyber Security help me with cyber incident response planning?

We at Intrix Cyber Security are Australian cyber security experts, specialising in helping Australian businesses shield themselves from cyber threats, and plan for inevitable incidents.


We can help your business create a comprehensive cyber incident response plan to respond to today’s complex cyber threat landscape.


Our cyber incident response planning services include:

  • Intrusion analysis
  • Forensic investigations
  • Situational awareness
  • Advanced data analytics
Threat Management Services
24/7 Emergency Incident Response

Ready to begin cyber incident response planning?

Talk to our experts at Intrix Cyber Security today, to begin your cyber incident response planning, and start minimising the cyber risks to your business.

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