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Being a victim of a cyber attack is not only a distressing experience, it can also cause significant damage to your business systems, assets and reputation. Intrix Cyber Security aims to help your organisation regain control of IT systems through an in-depth remedial process that consists of:

  • Confirming the source of the attack.
  • Investigating the extent of the compromise.
  • Reversing and remediating the damage.
  • Returning control of endpoints, servers, and other hardware to the business.
  • Recovering cloud or web services accounts.
  • Putting controls in place to help prevent future attacks.
  • Salvaging and preserving remaining data integrity and intellectual property.

What is an emergency incident response?

Emergency incident response refers to the assistance and services rendered to clients after they have detected or been made aware of a cyber security incident, event, or series of unauthorised activities. These incidents usually threaten an organisation’s internal data, intellectual property, integrity and/or reputation. 


With the overhanging threat to valuable and confidential data, emergency incident response is often the key to mitigating the impact of various cyber risks, would-be cyber attackers, or cyber accidents.  


How you respond to incidents will determine how little or how much impact cyber criminals, cyber crimes, or cyber incidents will have on your business. 

Why choose Intrix Cyber Security to remediate an emergency incident?

Intrix Cyber Security can provide businesses with the confidence in regaining access and control of IT systems. Our emergency incident response services are geared to:


  • Get your business up and running promptly.
  • Treat each case with a high degree of confidentiality.
  • Keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Provide a realistic assessment of the situation and expected outcomes.
  • Work with you to implement systems to prevent future attacks.

What threats warrant an emergency incident response?

Common cyber emergencies confronted by our emergency incident response team include: 


  • Business email compromises.
  • Phishing and social engineering scams.
  • Key-logging, password thefts, or web account takeovers.
  • 3rd party application, service provider or vendor risks.
  • Cloud, website, web app, and denial-of-service, attacks.
  • Targeted intellectual property or data thefts.
  • Insider threats, attacks and/or investigations.
  • Identity theft and fraud.
  • Advanced persistent threats.
  • Threats to publicly post confidential data.
  • Advanced malware, spyware and ransomware.
  • Data breaches.


If you suspect a compromise has happened, will happen, or is happening, don’t delay, contact Intrix Cyber Security to investigate or remediate.   

What to do if your systems have been compromised

In many instances, you only get one chance to investigate an incident, collect evidence, recover data, or resume control of applications or systems. 


To try and avoid any further disruptions to your business do not:


  • Try to format hard drives or delete data off devices.
  • Plug any other hardware, recovery tools or backups into affected systems.
  • Contact any known or unknown perpetrators.
  • Pay any ransoms based on unsubstantiated claims of access to confidential data. 


Instead, keep affected devices powered on, without resetting them and if possible, remove them from the network to minimise the threat from spreading. 


Call Intrix Cyber Security, and we will be able to advise you on a course of action. Remember the faster you respond, the faster we can contain the threat and mitigate the damage. Call now. 

24/7 Emergency Incident Response Endpoint Protection
24/7 Emergency Incident Response

Don't wait until it's too late

For a quick and comprehensive response to an emergency cyber incident or breach, call Intrix Cyber Security now.

Our cyber attack recovery team are working 24/7. We can provide quick confidential advice, perform preliminary incident investigations, and initiate our emergency incident response services.

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