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    Ensuring Cloud Integrity: Comprehensive Security Audits for Your AWS Environment
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AWS Security Audit: Safeguarding Your Cloud Infrastructure

Security concerns are increasingly pressing as more firms shift their activities to the cloud. Many organisations prefer to do AWS security audits to protect the security of their data and infrastructure. An AWS security audit thoroughly examines a company’s AWS setup to discover vulnerabilities and guarantee compliance with best practices.

An AWS security audit entails a comprehensive review of an organisation’s AWS architecture, including access controls, data storage, network security, and monitoring. The audit aims to identify vulnerabilities and risk areas and build a plan to solve them.

Benefits of AWS Security Audit

There are several benefits to conducting an AWS security audit, including:

An AWS security audit can detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an organisation’s AWS environment, allowing it to take steps to strengthen its security posture.

An AWS security audit can assist organisations in ensuring compliance with applicable rules and industry standards.

Early detection of vulnerabilities and threats helps avert costly security breaches and downtime.

An AWS security audit gives organisations peace of mind that their data and infrastructure are secure and taking all required actions to protect themselves and their customers.

Types of AWS Security Audits

Architecture Review

This entails examining an organisation’s Azure architecture, such as access controls, network security, and data storage.

Compliance Review

This entails examining an organisation’s Azure environment to ensure compliance with applicable rules and industry standards.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing entails attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in an organisation’s Azure system to find flaws and areas of risk.

Why choose Intrix Cyber Security?


Our AWS security professionals have years of industry experience. We have performed several audits for a wide range of organisations, including small and major firms. 2. Expertise: We have the knowledge and tools needed to conduct an in-depth assessment of your AWS system.


We recognise that each organisation is distinct. We collaborate with our clients to create a tailored audit plan that addresses their individual needs and expectations.


We recognise the significance of timely and efficient audits. We uncover vulnerabilities and areas of risk fast so that you may take the required steps to improve your security posture.


Our goal is to present you with a clear and comprehensive report summarising our audit findings and making recommendations for improvement.

Our Certifications

Application Penetration Testing CREST
Penetration Testing CISSP
AWS certified security professional
AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Intrix Cyber Security is proud to be an official CREST Australia and International certified organisation.

Choose Intrix Cyber Security for our commitment to exceptional cybersecurity services is reflected in our team’s distinguished certifications. We proudly hold CREST accreditation for rigorous penetration testing, CISSP designation for comprehensive cybersecurity management, and specialised certifications for AWS Security, ensuring expertise in safeguarding AWS environments. These esteemed credentials underline our dedication to excellence, providing clients with confidence that a highly qualified and industry-recognised team protects their digital assets.

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