Find out how susceptible your network is to cyber attacks

Network Penetration Testing Services is a form of ethical hacking where we mimic cyber attackers or malicious actors and attempt to gain access to, or sabotage your systems. This is done with the intent of discovering your organisation’s cyber vulnerabilities, which we then assess and manage.

Are there different kinds of Network Penetration Testing Services?

Yes, there are two main types of Network Penetration Testing Services:


  • External Penetration Testing – we remotely access your systems with no internal access credentials.
  • Internal Penetration Testing – this involves using your organisation’s corporate credentials, including guest access to your systems.

What is typically involved in Network Penetration Testing Services?

Our Network Penetration Testing Services include, but are not limited to:


  • Reconnaissance and footprinting – we gather and utilise open-source intelligence about your networks allowing us to identify all assets belonging to your organisation.
  • Scanning and enumeration – we discover all your services, along with applications, and associate them with any vulnerabilities.

Why choose Intrix Cyber Security for my Network Penetration Testing Services?

Our Consultants at Intrix Cyber Security can provide you with more advanced and complex arrangements that other providers may not be able to at your request, such as:


  • Attack and exploitation – attack and compromise network targets such as web applications, appliances, email servers or customer facing portals.
  • Access and exfiltration – we will attempt to extract sensitive data belonging to your organisation, such as intellectual property, source code, and other confidential files.


You may be surprised at the sensitive data that we uncover from your systems.

What happens after you receive our Network Penetration Testing Services?

We at Intrix Cyber Security can help guide and facilitate next steps such as Vulnerability Assessments, Managed Cyber Security Services, Dark Web Monitoring, and other cyber security needs that your business may require. We are here to help.

Application Penetration Testing CREST

Intrix Cyber Security is proud to be an official CREST (Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers) certified organisation.

CREST accreditation demonstrates that Intrix Cyber Security has the capabilities, systems and processes to provide a level of confidence and assurance to our clients that they are engaging an approved provider with highly skilled professionals in the Cyber Security field.

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Network Penetration Testing

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