Assess, evaluate and address your cyber vulnerabilities

Vulnerability assessments can help identify your organisation’s security risks from cyber threats, attacks, data breaches and other malicious acts. A vulnerability assessment is an invaluable tool, and a necessary first step in identifying and addressing your organisation’s susceptibilities to cyber attacks and cyber threats.

What are vulnerability assessments?

A vulnerability assessment is a tool that organisations can use to proactively identify, mitigate, or minimise cyber security risks.

Vulnerability assessments involve thorough and systematic examinations of an organisation’s IT systems such as scrutinising:

  • Computer networks
  • Internal applications
  • 3rd party software
  • Hardware and other components of IT infrastructure

When should I perform a vulnerability assessment?

Vulnerability assessments should be performed at least once a year, as part of ongoing cyber risk minimisation strategies. Intrix Cyber Security also recommends undertaking cyber vulnerability assessments when key changes have been implemented across your IT systems such as:


  • Discovery of assets across all your networks.
  • Examinations to the patch/firmware levels of your devices.
  • Changes or upgrades to servers, networks, or appliances.
  • Web application redevelopment or upgrades.
  • Change of IT or infrastructure service providers.

How can a vulnerability assessment benefit my business?

As with most problems, it is better to prevent than to fix. A cyber vulnerability assessments with the experts at Intrix Cyber Security is a key tool in the early detection and minimisation of cyber threats. It also acts as a solid foundation for building a high-performing IT system that can serve business needs with minimal downtime.


The foundation that is created from the vulnerability assessment becomes a framework for a large array of benefits:


  • Protection against unauthorised access, data breaches and intellectual property theft or ransom.
  • Enhanced adherence and compliance with privacy and confidentiality regulations.
  • Figurative distancing from notifiable data breaches.
  • Better systems, networks, IT assets and availability.
  • Better business continuity and peace-of-mind.

Why choose Intrix Cyber Security for my vulnerability assessment?

At Intrix Cyber Security, we firmly believe in an inclusive approach. We want our clients to feel included in the conversation, and in-charge of their IT systems.


When you use our services for your organisation’s vulnerability assessment, you will find top quality service, honesty and realistic advice. Our consultants use the most suitable approach to measure and evaluate your organisation’s vulnerabilities such as, but not limited to:


  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Vulnerability severity grading
  • Cyber risk evaluation
  • Cyber threat assessment
  • Virtual vulnerability patching
  • Detailed findings report compiled by a cyber security consultant
  • Remediation recommendations
Vulnerability Assessment Services

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Scope of Vulnerability Assessments

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Network vulnerability assessments focus on scanning your organisation's network infrastructure, including connected devices, to identify known vulnerabilities.

Application Vulnerability Assessment

Application vulnerability assessments focus testing your web or mobile applications against OWASP’s Top 10 most prevalent vulnerabilities.

Wireless Vulnerability Assessment

Wireless network vulnerability assessments test for the presence of unauthorised wireless access points and review the security posture of your wireless network.

Vulnerability Assessment Methodology


We will work with you to understand the scope of the assessment, what may have prompted the assessment and what outcomes you seek to achieve with the vulnerability assessment.


We undertake the vulnerability assessment scanning using leading industry tools. We will work with you ensuring all systems remain operational while the vulnerability assessment is underway.


We prepare the results in the form of a vulnerability assessment report. We deliver a prioritised list of vulnerabilities found in your environment. We can work with IT to ensure the full remediation of all vulnerabilities.

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