How secure are your applications?

When it comes to application penetration testing, there are numerous options, all with different outcomes for the testing process. At Intrix Cyber Security, our Offensive Cyber Security Professionals (OSCPs) can help with both advising and running the most suitable types of application penetration testing for your organisation.

What are the different kinds of application penetration testing?

There are three main types of application penetration testing:


  • Black Box/External penetration testing
  • White Box penetration testing
  • Grey Box penetration testing

What are the differences between Black Box, White Box and Grey Box application penetration testing?

Black Box (External) penetration testing

Intrix Cyber Security will typically perform reconnaissance work and try to obtain sensitive information, this allows our OSCPs to be in the shoes of the hackers with as much detail as possible. We will not require access to any internal information, application or company networks. 


White Box penetration testing

This process allows our OSCPs to have complete, open access to your application and systems. We will:

  • examine security exposure,
  • common misconfigurations,
  • poorly written source code, and
  • lack of defensive measures. 

This assessment is more comprehensive than Black Box penetration testing as we carry out both internal and external assessments that are typically not available to hackers.


Grey Box penetration testing

This process allows our OSCPs some internal access and knowledge in the form of low-level access credentials. This is simulating the attacker already penetrating the application with a form of internal network access. This efficient and streamlined approach allows our consultants to focus on exploiting potential vulnerabilities on critical systems.

Why choose Intrix Cyber Security for my application penetration testing needs?

Our assessments combine unique and proprietary tools to conduct testing techniques that other providers may not. Our process involves checking for over thousands of application vulnerabilities.


Our application penetration testing assessments can:

  • Help achieve PCI DSS, HIPAA and/or NERC compliance.
  • Test against OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 25 controls and frameworks.


Our testing can include:

  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Backend API 
  • Mobile applications


We provide a detailed assessment report including an overall risk rating for the target web application.

Is Intrix Cyber Security qualified to perform application penetration testing?

We have a team of Offensive Cyber Security Certified Professionals (OSCP) that will test your application against standards and controls such as OWASP, NIST, CIS and SANS.

What happens after application penetration testing?

We at Intrix Cyber Security can help guide and facilitate next steps such as Vulnerability Assessment Services, Managed Cyber Security Services, dark web monitoring, and other cyber security needs that your business may require. We are here to help.

Application Penetration Testing CREST

Intrix Cyber Security is proud to be an official CREST (Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers) certified organisation.

CREST accreditation demonstrates that Intrix Cyber Security has the capabilities, systems and processes to provide a level of confidence and assurance to our clients that they are engaging an approved provider with highly skilled professionals in the Cyber Security field.

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Application Penetration Testing

What can application penetration testing do for your business?

Get in touch with our Offensive Cyber Security Professionals at Intrix Cyber Security today, and we can begin the journey of identifying and strengthening your organisation’s cyber security policies and procedures.

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