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With the alarming rise of cyber threats, it’s crucial for businesses to safeguard their digital assets. The Intrix Cyber Security Kick-starter Program is tailored to help organizations, regardless of size or industry, take proactive measures against cyber risks.

Our Program Offers:

  1. Online Cyber Risk Assessment
  2. Ready-to-Edit Cyber policy
  3. Awareness Posters for the Office

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Don’t wait for a cyber incident to take action. Secure your digital environment now with the Intrix Cyber Security Kick-starter Program. Contact us for a free consultation or sign up to get started.

Cyber Security Health Check

SMEs are at risk now more than ever before.
Doing nothing is no longer an option.

Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in cyber crime targeted at the SME market. There are two factors contributing to this rising epidemic. First, is the rise of crypto-currencies, which has enabled anyone in the world to be paid a sum of money without being identified or held accountable (e.g. ransomware). Second, is the increased focus on security by the enterprise sector, meaning that targeting a large number of small businesses has become far more effective than attacks aimed at high-security large organisations.

60% go out of business

60% of small businesses who experience a breach go out of business within 6 months.

90% due to human error

Over 90% of breaches are the result of human error. All it takes is one person clicking one wrong link.

47% target SMEs

SMEs are often the easiest targets. Almost half of all recorded cyber attacks are targeted against SMEs.

Cyber security should be easy and accessible to everyone!

We are offering this comprehensive package of free tools as we are passionate about helping all businesses lift their cyber posture.

Free Cyber Health Check

Answer our cyber health check questions and get a clear understanding of your cyber security risks!

Free Cyber Policy Docs

Forget spending thousands on legal fees. Use our kickstarter toolkit wth ready to edit policy templates and operational checklists.

Free Awareness Posters

Change internal culture and keep cyber security front of mind with our free cyber security awareness posters

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