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Protect your business IT systems from cyber criminals

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Intrix Cyber Security performs a range of Managed Cyber Security Services to help close the door on cyber attacks and security vulnerabilities in your business. Ideal for organisations that cannot dedicate their resources to protect their IT systems from cyber attacks, our MSSP services is designed to:

  • Align IT security with your operational objectives
  • Defend business systems from cyber threats and attacks
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Protect your business IP, employee and customer data
  • Keep your business reputation intact
  • Meet regulatory obligations for data security
Managed Cyber Security Services
We will keep your business

Helping you every step of the way.

Our Managed Cyber Security Services offers businesses:

threat management icon

Threat Management

Leverage our threat intelligence for advanced threat detection, threat tracing and threat hunting.

Managed Security Information Event Management (SIEM) icon

Managed SIEM

24/7 Monitoring of your IT environments for intrusions and cyber risks.

vulnerability management icon

Vulnerability Management

Implement good cyber security hygiene and ISO based security controls to harden your network and IT systems.

managed firewalls icon

Managed Firewalls

Introduce strategic security management controls.

cloud security management icon

Cloud Security Management

Identify insider threats, vulnerabilities, and IT systems weaknesses.

dark web monitoring icon

Dark Web Monitoring

We scan for leaked company data and/or hacked credentials with instant alerts so immediate action can be taken.

Why does your business need
Managed Cyber Security Services?

With cyber attacks increasing and becoming highly sophisticated, it’s not a matter of if, but when your business will become a victim of a cyber crime.
The need to proactively monitor IT networks, systems and applications for potential attacks is now critical.
Of Australian organisations suffered a breach that cost them over $1 million - higher than any country.
0 %
Australian businesses are experiencing double the level of cybersecurity fatigue compared to the global average.
0 X
of organisations in Australia experienced an outage of 5-16 hours compared to the global average of 43%.
0 %

Source: The Cisco Annual CISO Benchmark Report 2019

Our Managed Cyber Security Services helps you:

Managed Security Information Event Management (SIEM) icon

Meet regulatory obligations

We keep your organisation compliant with all data protection principles so that your sensitive customer data is stored safely.

network penetration testing icon

Reduce cost

Substitute your substantial capital investing in new cyber security technologies with stable, ongoing operating costs.

Incident Response Planning (IR) icon

Ensure business continuity

Our multi-layered approach to business continuity ensures systems are not severely impacted by a disaster or unplanned incident that take critical systems offline.

Outsourcing your IT security services will give your business what it needs to protect itself without needing to invest in specialist staff or implement costly processes. We believe a successful managed security service engagement must include the following: 

  • implementation of good cyber security posture
  • use of industry-standard security controls
  • 24/7 monitoring of networks using SIEM platforms and logging network activity
  • reliable access to a security operations centre (SOC) with cyber security experts ready to provide timely advice and act on any threats

Our no stone unturned approach to
Managed Cyber Security Services

We are meticulous at reviewing systems and working with businesses to ensure they have total security and control of their systems.

Step 1

Identify and understand customer IT security needs

Step 2

Evaluate and align IT security objectives with business strategies

Step 3

Implement cyber security posture and patch identified system vulnerabilities

Step 4

24/7 monitoring for threats and respond to attacks

Step 5

Share insights for effective cyber security planning and decision-making in the business

Discover more about our Managed Cyber Security Services

We work with a range of business stakeholders including Directors, Senior Managers and In-house IT teams, in order to bolster business cyber security and minimise threat exposure. Contact us today to get started.

Managed Cyber Security Services

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