How secure is your cloud environment?

Intrix Cyber Security can provide tailored Cloud Security Management Services based on your business environment needs no matter how complex.


The rapid emergence of cloud-based technology and the rise of remote working environments has created a new wave of cyber security vulnerabilities for businesses to manage.

 In 2020 alone, cloud-based attacks rose by 630% globally, leaving businesses who are behind on managing the security of their cloud-based platforms and infrastructure exposed. 

Cloud environment monitoring and cloud security management is essential in detecting the early warning signs needed to minimise the risks of a breach or compromise to your cloud-based systems. 

Intrix Cyber Security can help your business streamline the management of your cloud applications and infrastructure security while monitoring and detecting for abnormal user activity. 

What is Cloud Security Management Services?

Cloud Security Management Services focus on managing the overall security of your IT infrastructure and applications that are cloud-based. The focus of security covers:


  • End-user compliance.
  • Security of data stored in cloud-based applications and servers.
  • Identity and access management of end-users in the organisation and external to the organisation using laptops, desktops, mobile, and tablet devices.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning.
  • Organisational governance related to cloud-based infrastructure and applications.

Why choose Intrix Cyber Security to manage the security of your cloud-based systems and applications?

Our Cloud Security Management Services are a must for any organisation with strong adoption and exposure to cloud technology. This especially applies to organisations who:


  • Have multiple private and public facing cloud environments.
  • Use cloud-based applications as part of their everyday operations and customer interactions.

Intrix Cyber Security uses the latest in technology and research to manage and monitor the security of your cloud-based systems. Our Cloud Security Management Services are 24/7 and includes:

  • Detecting cyber security threats, breaches, vulnerabilities, and suspicious activities.
  • Controlling staff access to sensitive data across devices and cloud platforms.
  • Reviewing security protocols when moving between cloud providers.
  • Monitoring for regulatory compliance with privacy regulations and obligations.
  • Implementation of an integrated cyber security system framework for all cloud-based applications, infrastructure, and devices.
  • Regular reporting on suspicious activity.


At a technical level we offer:


  • Private, public, hybrid, and/or multi-cloud security.
  • Cloud application and cloud gateway monitoring and management.
  • Detection and remediation of cloud security misconfigurations.
  • Identity verification and access management.
  • Setting up and reviewing user-level control.
  • Permissions and outlining policy violations.
  • Auditing and modifying native security settings.
  • Device management, device connection and device traffic monitoring.
  • Data encryption and data loss prevention.
  • Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) web security flaws testing.

What types of cloud-based systems does Intrix Cyber Security manage?

Intrix Cyber Security manages the security of the following types of cloud-based systems:


  • Public cloud – these are cloud based applications such as and not limited to Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace.
  • Private cloud – cloud solutions used by one organisation and behind the organisation’s firewall limiting access to users outside of the organisation’s network.
  • Hybrid cloud – the combination of both public and private cloud-based solutions.
  • Community cloud – a multi-tenanted platform that allows multiple businesses in the same industry to work within it and share data.
  • Multi-cloud – a more complex model of the hybrid model suited to more enterprise organisations with large departments that have different cloud requirements to one another.

What is Intrix Cyber Security’s approach to implementing Cloud Security Management Services?

Our approach to implementing our Cloud Security Management Services are as follows:


  •  Consult and map out your cloud security architecture based on your users, systems, applications, networks and privacy regulations the business needs to adhere to.
  • Checking that compliance is maintained and be aware of latest security breaches that may be impacting the industry the business is operating in.
  • Provide ongoing performance management and monitoring health of cloud network using network performance management tools.
  • Implement regular backups and data loss prevention tools.
  • Utilise a user authentication process which may incorporate security protocols such as:
    • Centralised login management system
    • Encryption key management
    • Multi-factor authentication
Cloud Security Management Services

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Managed Cyber Security Services

Let us take the complexity out of securing your cloud environments

If you believe your physical IT networks, private, public, hybrid and/or multi-cloud environments can benefit from targeted cloud security management, give Intrix Cyber Security a call.

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