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Your business firewall is your first line of defence from cyber criminals

If you are not fine tuning your firewall every three to six months with the latest in rules, patch updates and security policies then you are leaving your business exposed to cyber threats inside and outside of your network. 

Intrix Cyber Security can help your organisation manage your firewall with:

  • Setup and configuration of intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems on Palo Alto, Fortinet and Cisco platforms.
  • 24/7 global security monitoring by certified Cyber Security Consultants.
  • Support for malware blocking and URL filtering.
  • Support for site-to-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels and client access VPNs.
  • Review and update current firewall configurations to meet current business security requirements.

What is Managed Firewall Security Services?

Managed Firewall Security Services provide businesses  who require ongoing administration, monitoring, maintenance and upgrading of firewall devices. This service is provided by a Managed Security Service Provider like Intrix Cyber Security. 

Why choose Intrix Cyber Security to manage your firewall security?

Our managed firewall security services provides businesses with:

  • 24/7 incident response – provide a 24/7 global SOC with certificate security analysts that continuously monitor and escalate any cyber security incident found through your firewall.
  • Access to real time data – collect and log all sessions and security events through our integrated Managed SIEM Services and provide you with a real time dashboard on all security related activities occurring in your network.
  • Peace of mind – we analyse and monitor for anomalies and misconfigurations and assist your IT team with decisions.

Can Intrix Cyber Security configure and manage any firewall device?

We can provide our Managed Firewall Services on most major firewall manufacturers such as:


  • FortiGate
  • Sophos
  • Check Point Next Generation Firewalls
  • WatchGuard Network Security
  • SonicWall
  • GlassWire
  • Cisco
  • Barracuda


If your firewall device is older than three years old we will include the replacement and configuration of a new firewall based on your business requirements.

My business firewall hasn’t been updated for years, is my business at risk of a cyber attack?

We recommend replacing your firewall every three to five years. This is due to multiple factors such as: 


  • Manufacturers no longer providing support for a particular device. 
  • Changes to your business network requirements.
  • Your business experiencing unprecedented growth. 


Your business should also be conducting daily, if not weekly updates, and monitoring of your firewall based on: 


  • Changes in network usage policies.  
  • Latest in security threats.
  • Manufacturer releasing updates. 


If you are not keeping checks on your firewall device every day then your business is at risk of a cyber attackIntrix Cyber Security Services can assist with all of the above as part of our Managed Firewall Services. 

Managed Firewall Security Services

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Managed Cyber Security Services

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