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Managed SIEM for your business

SIEM generates an enormous amount of data by monitoring various files and data points, which can quickly overwhelm organisations. As such, SIEM requires a dedicated team of cyber security experts, such as Intrix Cyber Security, to manage the data – make sense of it, and give you the information you need.

SIEM provides important insight into cyber threats such as insider threats and advanced persistent threats. These are cyber attacks where the malicious actors seek to gain unauthorised entry to your systems and maintain hidden access over a long period of time. They usually appear as if they are an employee or as part of a usual process.

The attacker typically wants to assume ownership of your data, sabotage your systems, or extort you for financial gain. They are especially dangerous, as they can be subtle and near-impossible to detect without Managed SIEM.

What is Managed SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management (or SIEM), refers to specialist cyber security software that discreetly monitors and reports back on IT system threats or anomalies. SIEM monitors many data points including logs, servers, firewalls, wireless access points, and cloud devices.


Managed SIEM refers to utilising a team of cyber security specialists, such as Intrix Cyber Security, to manage your company’s SIEM data, in order to keep your organisation running smoothly.

What are the benefits of Managed SIEM?

SIEM offers very important benefits such as:
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Threat hunting
  • Incident tracking or forensics
  • Partial analysis of logs and events.
A Managed SIEM package has additional benefits for your business:
  • Can be deployed quickly
  • Requires no in-house staff training or hardware
  • Which saves time and effort for your IT team
  • Offers enhanced threat detection capability far beyond most in-house systems

Why do I need Intrix Cyber Security to manage SIEM data?

SIEM data is a very large amount of data to process. You can easily find yourself overwhelmed and struggling for time in trying to sort through all the notifications, files, etc.


It is not enough to simply set up SIEM – you need a crew of IT professionals who know what to do with this data, so that you can be proactively protected from threats, make informed decisions and not be overwhelmed.

When or how should Managed SIEM services be used?

Managed SIEM technologies are ideal for identifying indicators of cyber attacks such as insider threats or advanced persistent threats. SIEM can help provide detailed answers as to what has been compromised, or alert you on threat modus operandi.

What type of Managed SIEM package is right for my business?

Depending on the nature of your business, Intrix Cyber Security can tailor a Managed SIEM package for you. We combine best-of-breed SIEM software and advanced threat intelligence with our highly vigilant cyber security experts.

Managed SIEM Services
Managed Cyber Security Services

Could Managed SIEM benefit your business?

Managed SIEM packages are an optimal weapon in your arsenal against cyber attacks. Intrix Cyber Security leaves no stone unturned in maximising our clients' SIEM benefits, so you can confidently conduct business, minimise cyber threats, and focus on what you need to.

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