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Automated, constant, real-time cyber threat management

We live in an age of constant cyber attacks, your business no matter what size is always at risk of cyber threats. At Intrix Cyber Security, we can provide a suite of Cyber Threat Management solutions which includes:

  • Automated threat intelligence gathering and response.
  • Near real-time advanced monitoring of threats and anomalies.
  • Incident response, remediation and forensic capabilities.
  • 24/7 Security Operation Center (SOC) Monitoring.

Combined with a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about protecting Australian businesses – we keep our clients informed, included and in-control.

What are cyber threats?

Cyber threats can exist in the form of internal and external malicious actors. Examples of threats can include:


Internal threats

  • Employees stealing confidential information and selling it on the dark web.
  • Accidentally clicking on phishing email links, triggering a ransomware attack.
  • Using weak passwords that leave your systems vulnerable to cyber attacks.


External threats

  • Hackers attacking your systems to sabotage your organisation’s reputation.
  • Malicious actors crypto-locking your sensitive information for financial gain.
  • Competitors conducting espionage activities to compromise your systems such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

How does our Cyber Threat Management Services work?

Our experts at Intrix Cyber Security are well-versed in the Australian cyber threat landscape. We understand the minds of businesses, as well as the minds of cyber attackers, this is why we use a combination of:


  • 24/7 cyber threat monitoring
  • Specialised tools
  • Expert knowledge


To gather insights that shield your business from cyber threats, and keep things running smoothly.

What are some more ways Intrix Cyber Security can help me manage my cyber threats?

We offer a large suite of services to suit your needs including:


Get in touch with an Intrix Cyber Security expert today, and start shielding your business.

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Want to start managing your organisation’s cyber threats?

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