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    A comprehensive assessment of the organisation's IT infrastructure and related processes.
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What is a cyber security audit?

Cyber security audits identify an organisation’s ongoing risk from cyber threats. By thoroughly and systematically examining applications and networks for vulnerabilities, audits allow organisations to proactively identify, mitigate and minimise cyber security risks.

When should cyber security audits be completed?

Yearly audits should form part of an ongoing cyber risk mitigation strategy. It allows for early detection of cyber threats and allows security vulnerabilities be mitigated. In addition, completing cyber security audits together with vulnerability assessments when key application and networks changes are made allows companies to build and maintain robust IT systems.

Cyber security auditing services

Intrix Cyber Security provides organisations with an in-depth and comprehensive assessment of their applications, networks and cyber security controls. Using the ACSC Essential Eight mitigation strategies, the Intrix Security team helps companies plan and implement procedures, protocols and processes to identify, investigate and mitigate cyber security incidents.

Physical and Environmental Security

Risk Management

Asset Management

Logging and Monitoring


Secure System Configuration Management, Standards and Baselines

Office 365 Security

AWS Security

Incident Management

Network Security

Active Directory Security

Identity and Access Management

Threat and Vulnerability Management

ACSC Essential Eight

Cyber Risk Assessment

Policies and Procedures

Auditing Methodology


Planning stage. Audit plan created including objectives, project scope, budget and expected outcomes. 


Data collection and assessment stage. Analysis and evaluation of retrieved system and security control data.


Reporting Stage. Organisations presented with recommendations to mitigate security vulnerabilities inline with the ACSC Essential Eight strategies.

Why choose Intrix Cyber Security?

The Intrix Cyber Security team believes in an inclusive approach. Its objective is to work together with organisations to help build and maintain robust applications and networks that can withstand cyber attacks.

As a CREST and Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) partner, Intrix Cyber Security adheres to and uses the ASCS Essential Eight strategies to conduct cyber audits and implement recommendations to mitigate cyber risks.

For a comprehensive cyber security audit, contact Intrix Cyber Security on 1300 931 727.

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