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Is your business data being sold on the dark web?

The unfortunate reality is that trading in business information on the dark web is booming, and cyber attacks on businesses are growing every year. Since 2020, the number of dark web postings that offer for sale access to corporate networks jumped by 69 per cent. With more employees than ever working from home, cyber criminals have taken this opportunity to look for any network security lapse.

We offer Dark Web Monitoring Services that are continually scanning the dark web for commercially sensitive data on your company, allowing you to quickly act if a compromise is found. Our thorough approach to dark web monitoring will help keep your company and customer data off the dark web.

What is the dark web?

The internet is comprised of two layers, the upper layer that is indexed by search engines and a deeper layer that isn’t indexed, called the deep or dark web. The dark web is a hub for illegal activity, where cyber crimes can take place almost undetected. It is relatively hidden from search engines and can only be accessed via special software or non-standard web browsers. Cyber criminals can remain anonymous within the dark web, hidden behind multiple layers of encryption, where your sensitive company or customer information is bought and sold.

Why does my business need Dark Web Monitoring Services?

If you do not actively protect your business from data breaches, your company information can be stolen and leaked, causing huge financial and reputational harm to your business. With our Dark Web Monitoring Services, your business will have:

  • 24/7 monitoring protection: Continuous pro-active monitoring for your business users information and records.
  • Real-time dark web threat alerts: We can triage and escalate any potential incidents to prevent any data breaches.

How do I know if my business is a target?

Any business is a target for cyber criminals because of the large volume of valuable information it holds. Your business information can easily be stolen by email phishing attacks or by using compromised team member login credentials. Cyber criminals can quickly cash in by using the dark web to sell stolen company information and are happy to invest time and energy in breaking your cyber security defences. Cyber criminals seek to steal and sell data from:

  • Company databases
  • Credit card information
  • Financial transactions
  • Leaked emails
  • User credentials
  • Sensitive company information

Why choose Intrix Cyber Security Dark Web Monitoring Services?

Intrix Cyber Security Dark Web Monitoring Services work to identify stolen company data, mitigate the risks to your business and manage cyber security risks to prevent data breaches from happening.

By leveraging dark web threat intelligence and real-time dark web searches, we scan a range of resources across the dark web to check for stolen company or customer information showing up on illicit forums. Our results provide actionable intelligence that helps protect your business reputation and prevent further data breaches from happening. We can support your business by implementing a robust cyber security strategy to prevent your sensitive company data from being stolen in the future.

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