Managing your organisation’s cyber vulnerabilities

In the current climate of constant cyber attacks, it is more important than ever to be cyber vigilant and take a proactive approach to vulnerability management. Most organisations are not aware of how vulnerable they are to cyber threats, hijackings, data breaches, and other malicious acts. 

At Intrix Cyber Security, we can help you assess and minimise your organisation’s cyber security vulnerabilities, maintain control of your systems, and keep your business running smoothly.

What is vulnerability in cyber security?

Vulnerability in cyber security refers to your systems and practices being susceptible to cyber attacks, hijacking, data breaches, phishing, and other malicious acts. Often, organisations are not aware of: 


  • How vulnerable their internal systems or processes really are,
  • what confidential information of theirs may be available on the dark web, and
  • what former employees may still have critical logins.

What are some examples of cyber vulnerabilities?

Examples of cyber vulnerabilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Outdated software
  • Forgotten applications
  • Undiscovered bugs
  • Insecure passwords
  • Former employees (with active credentials)
  • Insecure and open files
  • Gaps left behind by systems upgrades

What can Intrix Cyber Security do to help me with vulnerability management?

Our experts at Intrix Cyber Security can help you understand, assess, and manage your organisation’s cyber vulnerabilities. We do this by:


  • carrying out a vulnerability assessment, explaining why your organisation’s cyber vulnerabilities exist, and
  • work with you on how to minimise these vulnerabilities whilst keeping your business running efficiently.


Intrix Cyber Security has a wide array of other services to help with your organisation’s cyber vulnerability management including: Penetration Testing, Dark Web Monitoring, and Managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

Is my business more likely to be targeted than others?

Many businesses have a false sense of security when it comes to cyber vulnerability management. We know that cyber criminals do not discriminate between industries or business size and will have your business in their sights.


You may think your organisation is either too small or too large to be vulnerable to cyber attackers. In reality your business can still:

  • Be attacked.
  • Have your systems hijacked.
  • Unwittingly become a proxy for malicious actors.
  • Have your good reputation ruined.
  • Have your personal information stolen.

You are always a target, it is not a question of if, but when your organisation will be attacked.

What type of vulnerability management package is right for my business?

Intrix Cyber Security tailor a vulnerability management package for your business, and systems,. We customise our packages to the types of scans, assessments and best practices for your business, size and industry. 


We are Australian Cyber Security Consultants, aware of the dynamics and intricacies of running a business in Australia. We are here to help your business stay functional and run smoothly.

How much would vulnerability management benefit your business? ​

The benefits to an organisation to apply cyber vulnerability management are critical. Some of the benefits are:


  • Identify and assess threats before any cyber attack occurs.
  • Retain control of your systems and business.
  • Prevent malicious actors from ruining your business reputation.
  • Improve inefficient or outdated cyber security processes and software in your organisation.
  • Increase your organisation’s productivity and efficiency by minimising cyber threats.
Vulnerability Management Services

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Managed Cyber Security Services

Is your business cyber vulnerable?

Get in touch with our consultants at Intrix Cyber Security today, to begin the process of identifying and managing your organisation’s cyber vulnerabilities. The sooner you act, the less opportunities there are for attackers.

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